September 6, 2018
From Faith to Faith
September 6, 2018

Special Ministry: Sapna Jain – This Sunday Morning September 9

Join us for a morning of special ministry with Sapna Jain this Sunday, September 9, 2018, at 10:30 am.  Sapna will be sharing on the love of God and the Holy Spirit. You will NOT want to miss this special time of ministry.


A little about Sapna:

Sapna Jain is a Seattle native who was born into a Jain/Hindu family. When she was 12 her family had a car accident that left her younger sister paralyzed.

For the next 3-4 years the family prayed and fasted to their God’s, tried magic and native American things and just about anything and everything people suggested in a desperate attempt to see her sister healed. Then an Ethiopian architect came to remodel their house and offered to pray for her healing.

Although Sapna and her family hated their first time at church, they asked Jesus to “show them something today if He was real” and that day her younger sister started speaking in tongues. In one week the entire family was filled with the Holy Spirit and gave their lives to God. The same night they were baptized, and her dad threw away all their idols.

Less than 6 months later they went on their first mission trip and saw healings, deliverances and lives changed. From that point on their lives have never been the same. Sapna became a doctor and then after three years or working quit her job to become a full time missionary in Japan and later Cambodia. Today she continues to travel the world and has been to over 20 countries sharing the love of Christ.

Join us and experience the powerful word of God from Sapna this Sunday, September 9 at 10:30 am!