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corporate prayer

Corporate Prayer

Join us for Corporate Prayer this Friday night, January 17 at 6:30pm. Come and be blessed and lifted up with the body of Christ.

"Praying with others can bring encouragement and strength for those who are struggling and need answers. Coming together with the body of Christ in prayer will lift you up and give reassurance to all of His promises."

Encounter Jesus

Join us in the ministry of Bishop John Kaberere from Kenya this Sunday!

Bishop John Kaberere joins us from Kenya's Life Mission Christian Church this Sunday, August 11 in the morning worship service at 10:30.

Please join us in this special Mission Sunday and encounter Jesus under the ministry of Bishop Kaberere, you will be blessed!
his love is contagious at covenant fellowship church okc

CONTAGIOUS! a special night of music, ministry and fellowship

A new and charismatic program guaranteed to rock your Sunday night!

Every other month on the last Sunday we will be celebrating His Love and Power at CONTAGIOUS!  A night of special music, ministry with Pastor Alphonze, and fellowship with the Covenant Fellowship family.

Our first CONTAGIOUS! kicked off on April 29th at 6pm with special music by our friend Brant Fricker and The Choir. Pastor Alphonze brought a special time of ministry and Jeanne Reagan hosted the after party with treats of all kinds!

Join us again on June 24 at 6pm at Covenant Fellowship OKC for another night of CONTAGIOUS!

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Alphonze and Alicia pastors

Alphonze and Alicia Owino New Senior Pastors

Join us in celebrating our new pastors Sunday March 11, 2018 at 10:30am with special music by Brant Fricker.

This past week the membership at Covenant Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City voted to have Alphonze and Alicia Owino come on board as Senior Pastors. Jean Stiemke who has been holding position of pastor since JC Hibbard, Jr passed away last January is supporting the new pastors and will continue in her service to the church as Associate Pastor.

"We are honored to have Alphonze & Alisha Zwirtz Owino as our new pastors.  Alisha is one of our own.  She grew up in this church under pastor JC Hibbard", stated pastor Jean Stiemke. "Alphonze is a gifted, spirit-filled man of God.  He comes to us with the gifts of healings, Word of Knowledge and an understanding of the Word of God so very similar to pastor Hibbard.  I see growth, I see more healings, deliverances and I see men, women & children accepting Jesus as their Savior! We are a blessed people! "

Founded by JC and Marie Hibbard in 1960 as the Full Gospel Assembly Evangelistical Association, Covenant Church is an inter-denominational, Bible-based, spirit-filled, church whose mission continues as a house of prayer, praise and worship.

"I'm thrilled Alphonze and Alicia Owino will be our new pastors", states Mrs Hibbard. "I truly believe it was an answer to our prayers. Both Alphonze and Alicia have expressed a strong vision for moving the church forward into the future. I know my late husband, pastor Hibbard,  would be very proud."

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Brant Fricker Joins Us In Celebrating Our New Pastors – Alphonze and Alicia!

New pastors Alphonze and Alicia Owino will hold their first service on Sunday March 11, 2018 at Covenant Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City.

Don’t miss this special and historical day that brings in the next generation of ministry at Covenant Fellowship Church. Service begins at 10:30am with praise and worship and special music led by Brant Fricker.

Brant Fricker has been leading worship and preaching in churches and on the airwaves for over 20 years. He was a child piano prodigy who got his start at J.C. Hibbard’s Full Gospel Assembly in Oklahoma City in 1982 when he prayed a prayer and immediately began to play. He would go on to record 6 albums and share his music and testimony regularly on global television. In January of 2017 Brant helped launch Israel TV Network with Texans for Israel which reached every country on the planet in its first year. His passion is to give ministers and musicians a global platform free of charge to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Don’t miss this special day with music by Brant and a celebration of our new pastors Alphonze and Alicia Owino.

study biblical hebrew words with bob cosby

This Sunday we're going Hebrew with Bob Cosby!

Bring lots of curiosity, along with a pen and notebook, because this Sunday we are going Hebrew with Bob Cosby. We are doing so in order to peer more deeply into the lives and practices of the Bible's Acts 2 believers. We will also examine the Shabbat (Sabbath) practices of Yeshah (Jesus) and his Disciples. In addition, prayers will be conducted in Hebrew. Please join us for an exciting morning of learning and discovery. Service begins at 10:30am, nursery provided. See you there!
singer songwriter Bruce Hibbard

Recording Artist Bruce Hibbard Ministers Sunday, October 1, 2017

Join us this Sunday, October 1, at the 10:30am service for a morning of ministry with recording artist and songwriter, Bruce Hibbard. Pastor Alphonze Owino will also be ministering in the word. A little about our special music guest Bruce Hibbard: Music has always been a part of Bruce Hibbard's life. Growing up in a musically diverse family allowed him to be introduced to different instruments and varied styles of music at a very early age. His parents have been pastors of Full Gospel Assembly/Covenant Fellowship in Oklahoma City for over 50 years. Bruce began playing in church at the age of 12 and was writing Christian music by his late teens. As his musical talents developed, he began working with other local musicians, playing in groups such as Ascension and Sonlight. By his early twenties, Bruce was involved with and traveled extensively with The Amplified Version, The Paul Clark Band and Phil Keaggy and pursued his own personal artistry. Some of Bruce's early musical friends and mentors were Harlan Rodgers, Hadley Hockensmith, Bill Maxwell, Kelly Willard, Jonathan David Brown and Keith Edwards, all of whom resided in Oklahoma City during those days.
Pastor Alphonze Owino at Covenant Fellowship church okc

Alphonze Returns to Covenant Fellowship for a Morning of Ministry and Worship with Bruce Hibbard

Join us this Sunday, October 1, at the 10:30am service for the ministry of Alphonze Owino. Bruce Hibbard will also be ministering in song. Pastor / Evangelist Owino has ministered throughout Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and the United States. He delivers a powerful message, anointed and full of revelation backed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Don't miss this opportunity to be blessed by his ministry!