bread of life
And when the woman saw that the tree was good for FOOD….
September 1, 2020
corporate prayer with flag background
Corporate Prayer
May 12, 2021

Prayer is  a technology that affects three realms. the God realm,  the demonic realm and the human realm.

There is a skill we need to develop in our capacity to persuade God… Prayer is in degrees.

There is a prayer of PETITION; This is the one which affects you, affects your context and effects your situation then God begins to mobilize you to advance beyond that level and  you come to a time when you begin to engage in INTERCESSION. Intercession is about carrying others people’s burdens, quagmires and challenges, that become the object of your prosecution. Then you migrate to a point where because of your consistency and dedication to the art of intercession, God makes you one of the chartered SUPPLICANTS of a territory. Three persuasive supplicants – NOAH, DANIEL, and JOB, were mentioned in Ezekiel 14:12- 20. Their prayer engagements created turbulence on the unseen realm in the heavens and ultimately the possibilities that found expression on the strength of those engagements in the destiny of Israel. Supplicants are somewhat rare…. may the Great one, the heavenly Monarch raise more!