roasting the prey
Catching and Roasting our Prey
January 11, 2022
a man holding a sign that says "overcomer"
February 22, 2022

Words of Wisdom

by Pastor Alphonze

Set the pace for your future.

Set the pace for everything you want to see. Dare not stay comfort-centered and self-focused if you ever intend to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

If you operate from the space of comfort and selfishness, you will find that your potential and your ability to make a valid contribution deteriorate and disintegrate rapidly because you are allowing fear to get in the way of your future.

Worrying then creeps in. Worry is the unhealthy child of fear and unbelief. The effect of fear is paralysis and panic. It freezes reason and stalls the mind. Fear births the blame game and catalyzes the hide and seek foolishness.

Remember that insecurity and mediocrity travel the same path. It’s a low road. Take the high road. To conquer fear in any situation, we must chew, swallow, and digest the truth of the love of God. This is the anti-serum for fear. 1 John 4:18