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What Does God’s Word Say About Tithing?

Words of Wisdom

By Pastor Jean



This word can certainly cause a few of us Christians to feel really uncomfortable (seat shifting, etc.)  We all know the importance that God puts on tithing.  We’ve all read how Cain murdered his brother because God had more “respect” for what Abel gave.

When you look up the word ‘respect’,  you will see that it means, God admired Abel’s gift.  He showed much greater admiration toward what Abel had given to Him.  We know now that it may not have been the gift that God admired so much as it was the sacrifice of that gift.  God knew Abel’s heart and He “heard” his heart just like He knows our heart and He hears our heart.

Many of us, me included, have thought I just didn’t have enough money to tithe.  If I tithe I won’t be able to pay my bills.  Do you think God wants you to give tithe and do without water, food, shelter?  No, absolutely not!

Tithing will bring abundance and God wants you to test Him on it!

His Word comes with a promise!

“…I will open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” ~ Malachi 3:10

Say you get real brave and you decide that you’re going to take 10% of your check and you tithe it.  Then fear sets in.  Oh no, what am I going to do?  There’s not enough left to pay everything. Let’s see what the Word says…

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”  ~ James 2:26

How about this?

“Without faith it is impossible to please God.” ~ Hebrews 11:6

Does it take a lot of faith to believe God’s Word?  No, just a tiny mustard seed of faith.  When you trust God to do what He says He will do, He is well pleased.  If fear sets in remember that faith and fear don’t walk the same path!