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May 5, 2018
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Why is it so important and yet sometimes so very hard to pray?

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Words of Wisdom

by Pastor Jean


Why pray?  Why is it so important and yet sometimes so very hard to pray?

Prayer is also giving God permission for divine intervention.  Prayer means talking with God.  A relationship is communication, spending time with the one you care about.  It’s a 2-way communication.

One of my favorite authors on prayer is Andrew Murray.  He will tell you it is not only important, it is crucial to walking with God, hearing Him, being effective in the world, and following Him.  There are many types of prayers, but prayer should be simple, from your heart.  God doesn’t care about eloquent words or how “spiritual” they sound.     He cares about you and what is in your heart.

Someone prayed you into the Kingdom of God and you can pray someone else into the Kingdom.  Like tithing or forgiveness, it isn’t a request, it’s necessary.

Jesus prayed often.  He is our best example of a true prayer warrior.  Luke 6:12-13 tells us that Jesus prayed all night, in fact He went up into a mountain (got away from everyone and set Himself to pray) and when it was day, He called His disciples and of them He chose the 12.   (Ok, you say, He chose Judas?  Yes, don’t you think Jesus knew Judas’ heart?  Nothing comes as a surprise to God!  Even Judas was necessary for God’s plan).

This shows us that important decisions, perhaps all decisions, should first be prayed about—even if it takes all night!  He is also showing us we need to pray where we will be undisturbed, in a setting where children, or adults, can’t interrupt!  In addition, we must take time to listen to God when we pray.  Also remember it is not IF we pray, it is WHEN we pray.  In John 8:28 Jesus said:  “When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.”

The church needs your prayers.  We must pray for our pastors, all our ministries and for church growth—there’s a world out there that is hungry, hurting and wounded.  They need the WORD and they need your prayers.