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November 17, 2021
travel to your future
Travel To Your Future
January 4, 2022

If you ever hope to reach your full potential, realize that you cannot get there without the help of loving and caring others. Never assume you can become all you are intended to be void of relationships. Relationship is at the very core of existence itself. 

The Bible calls us arrows, and we know that the arrows purpose is to hit a target, yet it cannot do so by itself. The arrow will need a bow to be released. It is important to note that a bow and an arrow don’t look alike. You will need people who don’t look just like you, people who don’t have the same set of skills and background like you but are necessary for your success. It’s all about UNITY and not uniformity. The Bible calls us living stones and not living bricks (there is no stone that looks the same as the other)! You cannot accomplish our assignment in life without relationship to others.

Connection is a vital key to fulfillment. Build the kind of mutually empathic relationships that are continually and consistently life-affirming and life-giving.